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Dirt Is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
(ein 84-2423432)

Our Mission

Desert Innovation, Research and Technology, known as DIRT, is a Nevada-based non-profit technology that aims to bring STEM education, research and working professional in infrastructure and development industries through real-world application and immersion learning. Its major focus is to promote science education, research opportunities and industry advancements.

By way of real-life practical application and innovative approaches, DIRT wants to foster the interest in and support STEM industries. We see many educational efforts working parallel to our vision, but something that lacks is combining all these components and creates exposure that exist within our network of industries focusing more on Nevada.

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DIRT is working to create a headquarter location that will serve as a wildlife rehabilitation and community education center, as well as
a venue for infrastructure industry meetings, trainings and public notice hearings for development projects.

The wildlife rehab center will partner with veterinary students to provide a real-life training for clinics, and will be a free venue for
schools and the community featuring STEM exhibits and energy efficient architectural features.

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