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Dirt Is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
(ein 84-2423432)

What we do

DIRT is a Nevada based non-profit that focuses on bridging the gap between STEM education, research, and working professionals in the infrastructure and development industries though real-world application and immersion learning.

DIRT pushes industry standards and how we approach the many obstacles we face as rapidly-devloping humans while balancing our responsibilities to the environment around us.

We believe strong foundations make better building, and it all starts with innovative education.

DIRT is working to create a headquarter location that will serve as a wildlife rehabilitation and community education center, as well as
a venue for infrastructure industry meetings, trainings and public notice hearings for development projects.

The wildlife rehab center will partner with veterinary students to provide a real-life training for clinics, and will be a free venue for
schools and the community featuring STEM exhibits and energy efficient architectural features.

What’s IN the DIRT?

STEM Education

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Venue Space

Community Outreach

Industry Education

Economic Development

Women in Science

Youth Empowerment

Environmental Awareness

Innovations in the Industry